Ring Santoku 5.5"

[TC0302]VG-10 Damascus Steel Semi-handcrafted Cryo Treated

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To meet more modern people's tastes, Ring is crafted from elegant Damascus super steel with 67 layers construction, stronger but lighter. Ring’s handle is accented with CNC-lathed black&red G10, providing a contemporary look, excellent grip, balance, and easy maintenance. Hand-sharpened to a 15°cutting angle each side, Ring's razor edge ensures ingredients retain maximum flavor and freshness.The excellent sharpness and good edge retention makes it so fast and easy to cut.
Ring definitely gives every chef top cutting performance and versatility.


  Santoku Knife 5.5"
• Blade Long -- 5.5"
• Handle -- 120mm
• 67 layers construction with Damascus cladding and proprietary VG10 cutting core
• A 15°cutting angle hand-sharpened honed edge. 
• Exotic handle with 360°CNC-lathed black&red G10 accents
• Humanized design,cryo-treated
• Semi-handcrafted.


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