Yanagiba Japanese Sashimi Knife 10.5"

[TC0406P]VG-10 Damascus Steel Ebony Handle Semi-handcrafted Cryo Treated

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The TUO Yanagiba sashimi knife is designed for cutting paper-thin sashimi slice raw fish, seafood and meat. With its single-edged blade, this slicing knife, forged with 34 layers of  Damascus steel with a HRC of 60-62, simply and thinly slices through the skin and flesh of the food and shows the food’s best freshest. TUO Yanagiba is complimented with an octagonal high-grade sandlewood that is CNC-lathed a copper ring of it. The perfect handles, culinary blade shapes and cutting-edge designs make it be certified for commercial kitchens and ergonomically welds to the hand for seamless use.
As a traditional style Yanagiba knife, TUO Yanagiba knife owns simplicity, grace and top quality at the same time, making it the best fit for true Asian cuisine.
  Slicing Knife 10.5"
• Blade Long -- 10.5"
• Handle -- 127mm
• Forged with 34 layers of Damascus steel.
• Octagonal ebony handle that is 360°CNC-lathed with a cooper ring.
• Single-bevel blade design. 
• Humanized design,cryo-treated.
• Semi-handcrafted.
• Lifetime warranty.


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